Have you ever felt the practice of law to be like a never ending grind?

Between trying to get paid, hiring support staff, keeping up with new technology, and finding clients, there is hardly any time to practice law. Much of the day is taken up by marketing and administrative tasks which while important, are not why you went to law school. It is also getting harder and harder to make a fair profit when all the outside expenses are added up and received payments are tallied. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get paid to just practice law and were supplied the tools necessary to be successful?

In a perfect world, you could work on the matters you are most experienced in, handle client interactions when your schedule allows it, reduce your needs for office space and data storage, get paid for the work you do quickly, have back up lawyers available for when you might want to go away on vacation or can’t be two places at once, and get clients sent to you. This perfect world would also allow you to work on your existing cases and even transition these cases into the Delta Law Group process. That is the world Delta Law Group is creating for lawyers to make the practice of law easy.

Please call us for more information at 888-Delta-95 or send an email to recruiter@deltalawgrp.com. We can talk to each other and see if Delta Law Group can offer you an improved lifestyle.