The Problem: Are You in Financial Trouble? Let Our Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys in Pittsburgh Help You!

Are you facing aggressive bill collectors and phone calls at all hours? Delta can put a stop to them! Are you in fear of losing your home due to sheriff’s sale or foreclosure? Allow Delta’s bankruptcy lawyers to stop the madness. Do you have a lot of credit card debt and don’t know what to do? Delta can reduce or eliminate this debt. No need to be embarrassed anymore. Delta can put you on the road to financial recovery for a lot less than you may think, so let us help you. You can succeed and Delta’s attorneys can help.

The Solution: The Delta Process.


Delta has a four step process to solve your legal problems. Delta’s Bankruptcy Lawyers in Pittsburgh Evaluates Your Situation.

Our Bankruptcy Lawyers will evaluate your current financial situation. We will question you in order to determine your monthly bills and income during your free bankruptcy consultation. We will find out what you own and who you owe. We will determine if there is legal action being taken against you.
Delta Creates a Plan of Action.

Delta’s Bankruptcy Attorneys will develop a plan of action to deal with your financial problems that fits you! This plan may include filing for personal bankruptcy protection. In short, there are two common types of personal bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Under Chapter 7, you are permitted to discharge (eliminate) unsecured credit (typically credit cards).

Under most circumstances, you can keep your home and car as long as you make the monthly payments. Most people are able to keep all of their assets as well. The process usually requires at least 100 days to complete. In order to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must meet certain income requirements (i.e. your gross income can’t exceed the average income for the state where you reside) and there are limitations on how much personal and/or real estate you can own. There are certain exceptions that may allow you to still file for bankruptcy even if you exceed the income requirements.

Typically, if you do not qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you can qualify for protection under Chapter 13. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you create a repayment plan and pay back some or all of the debt you owe on a monthly basis over a period of up to 60 months (like an installment loan for a car). The amount you pay every month is based upon how much you can afford. Again, under Chapter 13, most people are able to keep all of their assets. Sometimes bankruptcy is not required because we can work with creditors to stop collections activity by creating re-payment plans and reducing the amount of debt. All of our plans are aimed at putting you in the best financial position possible. Even a mortgage can sometimes be restructured or a new successor mortgage can be obtained in order to end or avoid foreclosure. Usually, the goal is to avoid the loss of a home, vehicle and/or other assets while eliminating or reducing your debt, and in most cases this can be accomplished by our Bankruptcy Law Attorneys in Pittsburgh. Whatever plan we create will be based upon your particular needs and circumstances.
Delta’s Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyers in Pittsburgh Execute the Plan of Action.

We execute the plan of action, with your assistance. Good plan execution is important and may include:

Filing a bankruptcy petition and schedules and representing you during the bankruptcy process.
Negotiating with creditors to reduce debts and create a repayment plan that you can afford.
Working with lenders to refinance your debts.

Delta,s Bankruptcy Lawyers in Pittsburgh Work With You to Help Fund the Plan.

Delta usually costs much less than most law firms. We will create a payment plan that is affordable for you. How can we charge so little? Delta is a new type of law firm that employs advanced technology and processes to cut overhead. If you want to know the details of how Delta works, see the description of our section titled The Delta Law Process. Get a free quote now by calling 1-888-DELTA95.
Delta Answers Your Questions.

Our aggressive, Pittsburgh based bankruptcy attorneys will answer your questions and hopefully put your fears to rest. We have experienced attorneys that know how to handle all types of financial situations, including those you may be facing. Call Delta now at (412) 349-0938 if you have a question about bankruptcy or other ways to solve your financial problems.

Why wait? Take charge and call Delta now at (412) 349-0938 to start your financial comeback!
You can count on Delta Law for:

  • Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyers in Pittsburgh Pa.
  • Technology to reduce the costs of client meetings and filings.
  • A Delta Law Group Partner available to take your phone call.
  • Online case management software helps you communicate with your bankruptcy law team 24/7/365 to improve communications and reduce your legal bills.

Under 11 USC Sec. 528: We are a debt relief agency. Our Bankruptcy Attorneys  help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.