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Are you starting to realize that your relationship with your spouse may be over and concerned about what will happen in the event of a divorce? This is a hard realization but Delta has attorneys in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas with the experience and caring attitude that you need to reduce your worries and get you through this difficult time.
Are you worried about what will happen to your home, personal property and paycheck if you should decide to start the process of divorce in Pennsylvania? Talk to a Pittsburgh Divorce Attorney today.

Delta’s Divorce Attorneys In Pittsburgh

These are natural worries but Delta’s divorce attorneys in Pittsburgh have been through these issues many times before and can give you answers. These issues are either settled by fighting (litigating in court) or by agreement between the parties (settlement agreement) or some combination of both.

THE SOLUTION: The Delta Process.

Delta has a four step process to solve your legal problems when going through divorce in Pennsylvania

Delta Evaluates Your Situation.

Our Pittsburgh Divorce Attorney will evaluate your current situation when going through divorce in Pennsylvania, including your need for financial support, child custody, housing and personal property division. We will question you in order to determine how things stand with you and your spouse at this time so that we can try to arrange your life during and after the divorce in the best possible manner for you. Most importantly, we will determine if you need funding for your divorce.
Delta Creates a Plan of Action.

Our Divorce Attorneys in Pittsburgh will develop a plan of action to deal with your needs in the areas of financial support, child custody, housing and personal property division. This plan may include filing for child support, spousal support, child custody and other requests for relief from the court. Many times we can work with your spouse and/or spouse’s attorney to amicably resolve these issues without court action. Delta’s goal is to avoid time consuming and costly fighting in court and allow you to transition into your new life after divorce. However, Delta has the best divorce attorneys in Pittsburgh and is well equipped to fight in court if necessary because of our experienced attorneys and low operating costs. This potent combination gives you an edge in that you will have the staying power to prosecute you claims in court should litigation become necessary.
Delta Executes the Plan of Action.

We execute the plan of action, with your assistance. Good plan execution is important and may include:

Negotiating with your spouse and/or spouse’s representative to complete a Settlement Agreement that addresses all of the legal issues including spousal support, child support, child custody, division of personal property and attorney fees.
Filing complaints in court for spousal support, child custody, child support, division of personal property and attorney fees.
Filing emergency requests in court to protect your assets, children and home.

Delta Works With You to Help Fund the Plan.

Getting a divorce in Pennsylvania, or any state for that matter can be difficult in many ways. Delta costs much less than most law firms. Why? Delta is a new type of law firm that employs advanced technology and processes to cut overhead. We charge a flat fee of $600. 00 for a simple divorce and our hourly rate is $150. 00 for more complicated cases. If you want to know the details about how Delta is making law easy, see the description in our section titled The Delta Law Process. We will work with you to create an affordable funding plan to help ensure that you can pay for your divorce. Delta works with you to ensure that you don’t run short o f funds at a critical point during the divorce process. Be positive! Delta’s experienced divorce attorneys in Pittsburgh can put you on the road to a completed divorce in Pennsylvania for a lot less than you may think, so let us help you. You can succeed and Delta can help!
Delta Answers Your Questions.

Our Divorce Attorneys in Pittsburgh will answer your questions and hopefully put your fears to rest. They have vast experience with divorce in Pennsylvania and know how to handle all types of divorce situations, including those you may be facing. Call Delta now at 1-888-DELTA95 if you have a question about divorce.

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