THE PROBLEM: Have You Been Arrested or Charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI)?

If so, you need to take action immediately! Delta can help you navigate the criminal legal system and work to get the charges dismissed or reduced. If the charges cannot be dismissed or reduced, Delta will work to obtain sentences that do not include jail time or if jail time is unavoidable, work to obtain lighter sentences. Click here to visit DUI 101 for a description of the DUI process and issues and click here to visit Criminal Law 101 to learn about the basics of the Criminal Legal Process.
THE SOLUTION: The Delta Process.

Delta has a four step process to solve your legal problems.
Delta Evaluates Your Situation.

We will question you about the facts of the case including identifying witnesses, important documents and your criminal history. We will determine the blood alcohol content (BAC), the charges filed against you (including other driving and criminal offenses) and the minimum and maximum jail sentences that are possible for each charge. We will also evaluate other possible sentencing issues including fines and costs for each charge.
Delta Creates a Plan of Action.

We will evaluate the strength of the State’s DUI case against you and your defenses to determine if it is better to fight the charges in court, negotiate a plea bargain or ask the judge to “have mercy on you”. One main concern that a plan must address is the effect of the DUI conviction on your driver’s license.
Delta Executes the Plan of Action.

We execute the plan of action, with your assistance. Good plan execution is important and may include:

Appearing at all hearings
Filing motions to exclude evidence
Hiring investigators to take photos and find evidence
Researching legal issues and writing legal briefs
Negotiating with the District Attorney’s office to obtain a beneficial plea agreement which may include reduced sentences, dismissal of some or all criminal charges and reduced charges (e.g. changing a misdemeanor to a summary offense)
Conducting depositions of witnesses

Delta Works With You to Help Fund the Plan.

Delta usually costs much less than most law firms. We will accept engagements for a fixed fee for standard Preliminary hearings, a standard Arraignment, a standard Pretrial conference, a Trial Plea agreement, and a jury or judge trial. Please note that special low rates apply to first time offenders. There are additional costs should additional work be required. Additional work includes filing motions, writing briefs, obtaining transcriptions of hearings and depositions. How can we charge so little? Delta is a new type of law firm that employs advanced technology and processes to cut overhead. If you want to know the details of how Delta works, see the description of our section titled The Delta Law Process. Get a free quote now by calling 1-888-DELTA95.
Delta Answers Your Questions.

We will answer your questions and hopefully put your fears to rest. We have experienced attorneys that know how to handle all types of DUI charges, other criminal charges and legal situations, including those you may be facing now. Call Delta now at 1-888-DELTA95 if you have a question about your DUI case.

Why wait? Take charge and call Delta now at 1-888-DELTA95 to mount your legal defense!
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